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5 Situations Where You Need To Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Suffering a personal injury can be devastating and cause you great distress. If you were hurt due to the actions of someone else, you have a right to file a legal claim. These are five situations that warrant hiring a personal injury attorney.

Your Injuries Are Long-Term or Even Permanent

Long-term injuries make it necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer from Kosto Injury Law in South Florida. Whether or not your injuries are permanent means that you will have to go through extensive medical treatment and might need physical therapy or surgery and miss significant time off from work. Legal representation can help you hold the liable party responsible and ensure that you get the settlement you deserve.

Severe Injuries

In addition to the length of time of your injury, its severity can also impact your case. A personal injury lawyer will make it easier to handle such a complex situation. You might have medical bills amounting to the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars range and need ongoing medical care costing even more money. A lawyer can help determine how much money your case is worth.

An Insurance Company Refuses to Pay

If an insurance company is responsible for reimbursing you for the accident that caused your injuries but refuses to pay, an attorney can help. Lawyers know how to deal with insurance companies to get the fairest amount possible for your personal injury lawsuit settlement. Where you might be given a lowball offer or refused one altogether, attorneys know the tactics used by insurers and won’t be swayed by them. Instead, they will fight to get you the best offer for your case.

They Are Objective

Personal injury attorneys are not only knowledgeable about how to handle your case, but they are also objective. This allows you to focus on recovering while they handle all the complex legwork of your case. Their objectivity can help your personal injury lawsuit because they can rationally negotiate on a settlement in your favor without making rash decisions. You can sit back and take care of your health without worrying about making the wrong decision.

Your Case Has to Go to Trial

Most personal injury claims reach a settlement. However, if one cannot be easily reached, your case has to go to trial and you need an attorney. A lawyer can expertly handle your case, which means you have a much better chance of the outcome being successful. This is often impossible if you represent yourself.

These are some of the best reasons to hire an attorney for your personal injury case. If you are in the South Florida area and need to contact a personal injury lawyer, contact Kosto Injury Law at your earliest convenience.

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