Car crashed into back end of another car

A Step-by-Step Guide To File a Car Accident Lawsuit

After a car accident, you need to contact the responsible party’s insurer to file a claim. While the process may go smoothly and quickly, you may also need to hire a personal injury attorney. Working with an attorney is the best option if the other driver does not have insurance or the insurer tries to settle for less than you want. A car accident lawyer will help you during each step in the process of filing a lawsuit.

Collect Evidence

Before you talk to an accident injury attorney, collect as much evidence as possible. Look for evidence that proves you were not responsible for the incident. If the police came to the scene, contact the department and ask for a copy of the police report they filed. This report should include statements from each witness who was at the scene. You may also find video footage of the accident. Gather evidence of the expenses you face as well. You need to show your attorney that you received hospital bills after the accident or that you lost wages as you were unable to work.

Talk to a Lawyer

Once you gather your evidence, talk to a car accident lawyer. Many lawyers offer free consultations that save you time and money. This allows you to talk to an expert and find out if you have a case. You can also find out if you need any other evidence and get an idea of how long the lawsuit will take. The lawyer will attempt to negotiate with the driver’s insurer on your behalf. They will often ask for a specific amount and then haggle with the insurance company to get as much money as possible. Only if they can’t reach an agreement will your personal injury attorney recommend that you file a lawsuit.

File the Lawsuit

When you file a lawsuit, your attorney will file in court and notify both the responsible driver and their insurer. This shows all parties that the lawsuit is moving forward. In some cases, the insurer will decide to negotiate to avoid court costs. The court will ask both sides to gather any evidence they plan to present during the trial. Both sides then have the chance to view that evidence. 

Most states have a cap on how much you can ask for in your lawsuit. You need to show proof of any money you lost as well as any money you paid out. Lost funds may include the time that you took off from work and any future earnings you’ll lose as a result of the accident. The money you paid out includes any funds you used to repair or replace your car as well as medical bills your insurance covered.

Get Help With an Accident Lawsuit

You need help when you file a car accident lawsuit. An accident injury attorney can help you work through each step in the process, which includes finding your evidence and filing in court. Contact Kosto Injury Law as soon as possible after a car accident.

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