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What Are the Steps Involved in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you’re considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, you should learn more about the procedure beforehand. Every personal accident case is different, but there are certain common litigation milestones you may anticipate meeting after you decide to bring a personal injury claim.

First Consultation

Your personal injury lawyer will meet with you at the initial appointment to examine the specifics of your personal accident case and answer any concerns you may have. After your initial session, your injury lawyer should give you an evaluation of your personal injury case and advise you on how to proceed depending on your individual requirements.


Your personal injury attorney should investigate the details and circumstances surrounding your personal injury case. This investigation will frequently include the following:

• Documenting the crime scene

• Obtaining the accident reports

• Identifying all potential parties at blame and filing claims with their insurers

• Documenting medical bills and paperwork related to treatment for accident-related injuries


While your personal injury lawyer is conducting the investigation and filing compensation claims, you should concentrate on recuperating from your injuries. To make a complete recovery and achieve maximal medical improvement, it is critical to adhere to your doctor’s advised course of therapy. 

While you are being treated, it is generally beneficial to keep a log of the hospitals and doctors you see, the out-of-pocket payments you spend, and the dates you were required to leave work to get treatment. This will ensure that your lawyer accounts for all potential damages and includes them in the Demand.

Demand Package

This explains the account of your personal accident case, including how the injuries happened, responsibility theory, and settlement demand. When your demand package is ready, your attorney will go through it with you to verify it is comprehensive. The demand is then forwarded to the insurance provider of the party to blame for your injuries, who will analyze it and determine the worth of your claim.


The insurance provider will usually respond with a settlement offer after reviewing the demand package. Your accident lawyer will tell you as soon as a settlement offer is made and will explore the many alternatives available to you based on their knowledge and experience dealing with hundreds of previous personal injury cases. However, you must eventually choose whether to take their offer, issue a counter-demand, or initiate a lawsuit.


If your lawyer is able to reach a deal with the insurance company that fully and appropriately pays you for the injuries sustained, they will draft a settlement agreement explaining the details of the arrangement. Before signing the settlement deal, your lawyer should create a settlement memo detailing how the money will be distributed. While most personal accident cases may be successfully handled, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary when insurance companies fail to recognize the full extent of your injuries.


If negotiations with the at-fault party stall and your lawyer cannot come to a settlement agreement, the next step is normally to file a lawsuit, present your claim for injuries to a jury, and obtain a verdict against those responsible for your injuries.

Discussing your claim with a personal injury attorney might help you identify your legal alternatives. Your attorney will walk you through the claim process and inform you at every stage. Contact Kosto Injury Law to learn more about filing a personal accident claim.

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